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Annike Party Committee organizes all Party members to carry out red education activities





On the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in order to better carry out party history study and education, review the glorious history of the party, cherish the memory of revolutionary heroes, guide all party members to pursue the future, and encourage and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of the majority of party members to the country and the nation On June 27, 2021, the party committee of Zhengzhou Annei Industrial Co., Ltd. organized all party members and party activists to visit the Central Plains Yuxi Anti-Japanese Memorial Park and Xinmi Revolutionary History Exhibition Hall.

Central Plains Western Henan Anti-Japanese Memorial Park

All Party members and their party first came to Tianzhongwan Village, Jianshan Township, xinmi city to visit the Anti-Japanese Memorial Park in Western Henan, Central Plains. The Central Plains West Henan Anti-Japanese Memorial Park is composed of the former site of the anti-Japanese democratic government in the north, the exhibition hall of the history of the anti-Japanese war in the west of the Central Plains, the exhibition hall of the revolutionary struggle history in Xinmi (formerly Mixian), the former site of the Eighth Route Army's anti-Japanese advance team in the west of Henan, the former site of the Mixian (Mixian) Anti-Japanese Independent Group, the battlefield Hospital and the battlefield Hospital, it is the headquarters of the revolutionary anti-Japanese base area in western Henan and the headquarters of democratic anti-Japanese activities in Mixian County, which plays a decisive role in launching anti-Japanese activities in Mixian County and adds a glorious page to the history of Chinese revolution. After the visit, all party members came to the heroic Square to sing red songs in front of the party flag in order to deeply cherish the great contribution of the revolutionary ancestors to the cause of the liberation of the Chinese nation.

Visit Heroic Relief in Heroic Square

Visit the Exhibition Hall of the History of Anti-Japanese War in Western Henan, Central Plains

Visit the site of the Eighth Route Army's Western Henan Anti-Japanese Advance Team Headquarters

Learning a hundred years of party history

Group photo taken in front of the former site of the anti-Japanese democratic government in Mibei

Singing Red Songs in Front of the Party Flag in Heroes Square

Then all the party members and their party came to the Xinmi City Revolutionary History Exhibition Hall, which is located in Mi Village, Xinmi City. The exhibition hall is divided into seven exhibition areas: night spark, peasant movement, Zhongzhou beacon, anti-Japanese struggle, seeing the sun from the clouds, passionate years, and bravely standing at the top of the tide. Precious pictures and touching revolutionary scenes reproduce the great feats of the Communists who are not afraid of sacrifice and go forward and succeed, It vividly shows the magnificent history of revolution, reform and development in Xinmi. After that, all Party members took an oath to the Party flag. The 80-word oath to join the Party was extremely solemn and loud at this time. Finally, all the party members and their party came to the Qin Xun first heart lecture hall and listened to the touching revolutionary story told by the members of the propaganda group and the short video "waiting" to pay tribute to Deng Jiaxian, the founder of the two bombs. All the party members and comrades present were moved to tears by the revolutionary deeds of the martyrs.

Visit the Xinmi Revolutionary Party History Exhibition Hall

Learn the history of Xinmi Revolutionary Party

Solemnly swear to the party flag

Chuxin Lecture Hall Listening to the Propaganda Group Tell the Touching Deeds of Revolutionary Martyrs

Through visiting and learning the glorious deeds of revolutionary martyrs and remembering the great achievements of the older generation of revolutionaries, all party members once again accepted the spiritual baptism, and everyone had a deeper understanding and understanding of the revolutionary spirit of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries who fought bravely for their faith. Real insights. Everyone said one after another that they should bear in mind the history, keep in line with the revolutionary martyrs, vigorously carry forward the revolutionary spirit, inherit the red gene, give better play to the exemplary and leading role of party members, never forget their original ideals and aspirations, bear in mind their mission, make unremitting efforts for Annike to become the preferred service provider of the global high-temperature industry, and continue to strive for Chinese Dream, who realizes the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.