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Annike General Contractor Jingang 3# Blast Furnace Hot Blast Stove Maintenance Project Smooth Ignition Oven





On February 26, 2021, the refractory materials of Shanxi Jingang 3# blast furnace maintenance project, which was contracted by Zhengzhou annei industrial co., ltd., were all completed and ignited and dried. the project is a 31 project of technological transformation of hot blast stoves, upgrading the original 3 big hat top-fired hot blast stoves into 4 annei cone column rotary cutting top-fired hot blast stoves. Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd., as a strategic partner of Jinshan Iron and Steel Group, has contracted 3 blast furnaces and 10 hot blast stoves in the past two years. During the implementation of the project, Zhengzhou Anneke Jinjang Project Department has always followed the technical route of "design is the prerequisite, materials are the foundation, construction is the key, and management is the guarantee. In this project, a number of patented technologies of Annike hot blast stove are used to provide favorable technical support for achieving the goals of high air temperature, long life, low energy consumption and low emissions. In the product manufacturing process, adhere to the industry's original "four acceptance 15 point inspection" quality assurance and traceability system. In the construction organization, to overcome the impact of the epidemic, carefully organize personnel, do a good job of epidemic prevention and control to ensure the physical and mental health of each employee. In order to ensure the construction quality, Annike Project Department adheres to the three-level joint review system of construction drawings, adheres to the design disclosure and technical disclosure before construction, makes large sample drawings for complex and important parts and pre-assembles them, and ensures the construction progress and quality through a series of measures such as establishing a quality reward and punishment system.

As one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in the country, Shanxi Iron and Steel Group has focused on the green development needs of the iron and steel industry in recent years, actively transforming the iron and steel process to promote equipment upgrading. In order to meet the needs of high air temperature, long life, low energy consumption and low emission, the four hot blast stoves configured in this maintenance and renovation all adopt the patented technology of Annike cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove. This technology breaks the technical barriers in the field of foreign hot blast stoves, has completely independent intellectual property rights, and has been granted patents in Japan, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. In the case of pure burning low calorific value gas, the ultra-low emission of high air temperature and nitrogen oxides above 1250 ℃ is realized, and good economic and social benefits are achieved. Zhengzhou Annike will uphold the spirit of not slack off for a moment and not delay for a moment, and complete other follow-up projects of both parties with good quality and quantity.