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Happiness depends on struggle, and their Spring Festival is called "stick to it"





As the Spring Festival is approaching, the flavor of the new year is getting stronger. It is the biggest ritual of the year to accompany the family for the after-sales service specialist of Annike. However, if the scene does not stop working, it is necessary to stick to the scene and not relax. Annike people can bury this "sense of ceremony" in their hearts.

Baowu Zhanjiang 3# 5050m Blast Furnace Project · · ·

As a policy requirement for the development of the national steel industry, Zhanjiang Iron and Steel not only fills the demand for high-end products in the region, but also meets the demand for mid-to-high-end steel products in the "Belt and Road" emerging economies. After contracting the refractory integration project of Zhanjiang 1# and 2# blast furnace hot blast stove in 2015, Annike has contracted the refractory supply integration contract of 3# blast furnace hot blast stove again since early 2020. Annike dispatched Jin Yaohui, an after-sales service specialist with many years of refractory masonry guidance experience, to the site to provide guidance. During the Spring Festival, when the site did not stop working, Jin Yaohui gave up rest and worked overtime, kept in mind the key points of construction every day, strictly controlled the quality, inspected the construction areas of each hot blast stove, and covered every corner of the hot blast stove area.

· · · Shanxi Jincheng Fusheng Capacity Replacement and Upgrading Project · · ·

During the Spring Festival, the hot blast stove renovation project of "Shanxi Jincheng Fusheng Capacity Replacement and Upgrading Project" contracted by Anneke is in full swing. Anneke refractory construction manager Zhou Jiantao always keeps the construction quality and safety in mind. Based on the working principle of quality and quantity construction and safety first, during the Spring Festival, he and after-sales service specialist Guo Hui conducted safety inspections on the construction site every day to supervise the construction quality, the construction quality and safety meeting will be held on schedule, and the on-site construction team will make every effort to ensure the excellent quality and fast progress of the project, and live up to the trust of the owners and the expectations of the company.

All the silent persistence and hard work are to build a more brilliant tomorrow for Annike. Pay tribute to the Anneke people who stick to it during the Spring Festival, the new starting point of the New Year, the new journey of the New Year, and try to run forward, Anneke people!