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"Love the country, love the family, love the enterprise, work together" 2021 New Year's Meeting Held Ceremoniously





Jade mouse bid farewell to the old year, Taurus welcome the new year. On February 9, 2021, Zhengzhou anike industrial co., ltd. "love the country, love the family, love the enterprise, work together" 2020 summary commendation celebration and 2021 new year's meeting were held ceremoniously.

Host shines on stage

At 2:00 p.m., all the staff sang the national anthem and Anneke's song, and the annual meeting started on time. After the grand dance of "Song of the Prosperity" opened, the host made his debut. First of all, Mr. Zhang Daoyun, president of the company, made the 2020 work report "taking more measures to ensure the operation and forging ahead to open a new bureau". in the report, president Zhang made an objective and comprehensive review of the company's work in 2020, not only summarized the highlights, but also pointed out the shortcomings, and arranged and deployed the work in 2021. After that, the annual meeting programs written and performed by the company's employees came to the stage in turn. A song was affectionate or melodious, a segment of dance or youth or passion, and three and a half sentences amused the whole audience. Henan Henan opera attracted constant applause from the audience, and the whole annual meeting program was brilliant and climax after climax. In the middle of the program, the 2020 advanced individual and advanced collective awards were awarded successively. Chairman Li Fuchao of the company awarded a love grant to a total of 30 students whose children were admitted to colleges and universities in 2020 and students currently studying in universities.

Company President Zhang Daoyun to make 2020 work report

A splendid artistic performance

Vice President Zhou Fuchen read out the commendation decision document

Advanced individual and collective awards

Mr. Li Fuchao, Chairman of the Board of Directors, awarded grants to staff students.

Subsequently, the annual meeting entered the 2020 annual shareholder dividend link, the company's party secretary Lu Yingjun to participate in the annual meeting of all personnel to explain the 2020 annual shareholder dividend. The chairman personally distributed shareholder dividends on the spot for 57 shareholders eligible for dividends in 2020. After that, Mr. Li Fuchao, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a new year's message of "forging a new journey, accumulating strength and starting again". On behalf of the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management team, he expressed his gratitude to all Anneke people and their families who have contributed to the development of Anneke in the past year. The chairman of the board of directors affirmed the achievements made in 2020, analyzed the problems existing in the work, and stressed that all employees must adhere to the opportunity of "cone column rotary cutting top burning hot blast stove" technology promotion, continue to strengthen the promotion of technology marketing, strictly implement the "four acceptance, 15 point inspection" process product quality control system, strengthen the quality training of middle and basic level employees, and ensure the implementation of control. In the daily management work, adhere to the "five reality" style, do the "five decisions and five rates", and promote the "eight grasps and eight guarantees". All work is promoted around the goal of "quality first guarantee progress, customer satisfaction guarantee market", and joint efforts are made to achieve various business indicators and Annike's sustainable and healthy development in 2021.

Lu Yingjun, Secretary of the Party Committee, Introduces Shareholders' Dividends

Mr. Li Fuchao, Chairman of the Board of Directors, issued dividends to shareholders.

Mr. Li Fuchao, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a New Year Message

At the end of the annual meeting, the company hosted a banquet for all Annike people who participated in the annual meeting. The chairman, board of directors, board of supervisors, party committee and management team respectively sent New Year's blessings and best wishes to everyone. All Annike people who participated in the dinner raised their glasses. Celebrate together and wish the great motherland prosperous and strong, the country is peaceful and the people are safe! I wish Annike a long and prosperous career foundation! I wish all Annike employees and their families, as well as customers and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of Annike a happy New Year! Family happiness! Year of the Ox!