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ANKE organizes safety education and training for employees





Winter is a period of multiple safety accidents. In order to improve employees' safety awareness and prevent problems before they occur, on December 17, 2020, Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. invited Henan Provincial Safety and Health Education and Training Center to carry out safety education for all front-line employees in Fuliang Branch.

The training is mainly aimed at the identification and investigation of potential safety hazards in the workplace, self-protection and self-rescue, etc., and educates the majority of employees by combining knowledge and cases, and comprehensively improves the safety awareness of employees and the ability to deal with safety incidents. Make employees' own safety further guaranteed.

Through training, the majority of employees are deeply aware that if there is no danger, it is safe; if there is no shortage, it is complete. In life and work, we should always tighten the string of safety, because one end of this string may be connected with the thoughts of the old mother and the waiting for his wife and children to return home. Safety is life, safety is benefit, safety is responsibility.