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The signing ceremony of technical cooperation between Annike and MCC Jingcheng hot air stove was held in Xiangshan, Beijing





On November 14, 2020, Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. and China Metallurgical Jingcheng Ironmaking and Storage Technology Institute held a technical cooperation signing ceremony in Xiangshan, Beijing. The management team represented by Li Fuzao, chairman of Annike, and Duan Guojian, general manager of China Metallurgical Jingcheng Ironmaking Institute, attended the signing ceremony.

For a long time, Annike has maintained a close cooperative relationship with China Metallurgical Jingcheng Ironmaking Institute. The "Rotary Cutting Top Burning Hot Blast Stove" and "Cone Column Rotary Cutting Top Burning Hot Blast Stove" jointly developed by both parties have won a good reputation in the industry and have been applied to 450m to 3200 m at home and abroad.Blast furnace nearly 2000 hot stove project.

Since 2003, through continuous independent innovation and improvement, Annike and MCC Jingcheng have completely solved the problems of nozzle dislocation, vault (combustion chamber) damage, deformation and collapse of hot air outlet, brick falling of hot air pipeline, slag sinking of lattice brick regenerator, and wind running at the bottom of the furnace. Since 2010, more than 1000 new and renovated hot blast stoves have adopted Annike's technology and products, and none of the above problems have occurred so far.

Signing of technical cooperation on behalf of both parties

Group photo of participants from both sides