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High-efficiency low-carbon hot-blast stove green intelligent Annec

The new 1# blast furnace of Sanbao Group, which is the general contractor of Anneke, is successfully worked out.





November 6, 2020, by China Metallurgical Southern Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. general design, Annike total integrated hot blast furnace refractory Fujian Sanbao new No. 1 blast furnace smoothly out of iron!

Sanbaoxin No.1 blast furnace has a furnace capacity of 1780m ³ and is equipped with three top-burning hot blast furnaces. After more than 10 days of debugging, the current average air temperature is 1260 ℃, the air supply time is 60 minutes, the hot air outlet temperature is 85 ℃, the pipe fork temperature is 80 ℃, and the daily production of steel is 5300 tons. The high air temperature can ensure the high efficiency and low consumption of the whole hot blast furnace system.

Good indicators are inseparable from technical support. After 17 years of precipitation, Annike has combined actual cases and cooperated with multiple design institutes to optimize technology. Among them, the new 1# blast furnace has adopted a number of patents and proprietary technologies:

1. Burner

The core burner of the hot blast stove adopts enhanced combustion and enhanced heat transfer technology to increase the combustion temperature of the gas as much as possible, and at the same time, the difference between the vault temperature and the supply air temperature is reduced to 80 ℃, which can not only achieve the goal of high air temperature, but also avoid a large number of generation.NOxvault temperature, from the source to prevent the generation of intergranular stress corrosion, while avoiding the NOxThe pollution caused by the discharge into the atmosphere realizes the low nitrogen combustion;

Temperature distribution, CO concentration distribution and flow field distribution on the surface of the lattice brick


2. Hot air outlet

Annike specially aims at the hot air outlet, adopts comprehensive technologies such as reasonable material selection, plate design, new combination brick, stable and reliable steel structure design, etc. to completely change the problem that the hot air outlet of the top-burning hot air stove is a weak link, realize the high temperature and long life of the top-burning hot air stove, and give full play to the advantages and potential of the top-burning hot air stove.

Pre-masonry drawing of hot air outlet assembly

The hot air outlet assembly has no deformation and damage after 6 years of use.

3. Pipe fork

The upper half ring of the branch pipe of the hot air main pipe adopts the integral pouring technology or the segmented masonry structure, which solves the problem of cracking and falling bricks in the three forks. The sectional masonry structure disconnects the three-way junction of the main branch pipe from the main pipe, so as to reduce the damage caused by the periodic expansion and contraction of the hot air main pipe to the three-way junction when the hot air stoves of different furnace numbers are supplied with air.

Sketch diagram of sectional masonry structure

Anneke will continue to uphold the company's mission of "continuously promoting the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology", continue to devote itself to the optimization and improvement of top-burning hot blast stove technology and the research and development and production of supporting refractory materials, and continuously optimize and upgrade the furnace structure and refractory configuration to provide top-burning hot blast stove technology with high temperature, long life, energy saving and consumption reduction, and intensive capital reduction for users of iron and steel enterprises in China.