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Reunion Celebrates Double Festivals, Development of Tongxin Words





Time flies, time flies, and nine months have passed since 2020. Coinciding with the coming of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhengzhou Anneke Industrial Co., Ltd. organized all management personnel, business managers of marketing companies, shareholders, 2019 model workers and Party members to hold the theme activity of "Reunion Celebration Double Festival, Concentric Words Development" and the bonus distribution ceremony of 2020 marketing business in Xinmi Luban Joy Hotel.

At 4: 00 p.m. on October 4, the ceremony kicked off with the solemn national anthem. First of all, the company's president Zhang Daoyun will make a summary of the work in the first three quarters of 2020, put forward reasonable suggestions for the problems in the work and make detailed arrangements for the work in the fourth quarter. In the first three quarters of 2020, the contract is full, the portfolio delivery task is heavy, and there have been delays in the delivery of products and portfolios in the early stages, creating a very passive situation for marketing companies. To this end, Vice President Zhou Fuchen, on behalf of the production system, reflected on the production problems that occurred in the early stage, and publicly ensured that the products and combinations in the last quarter were delivered on time to ensure the smooth implementation of each construction site.

In any enterprise, the position of marketing is very important. This activity also invites three senior business managers of marketing companies to share their successful experiences in project implementation.In particular, Ms. Wang Yiping, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Project Business Manager of Hebei Donghai Iron and Steel Company, carefully reviewed the four-year agreement between Donghai Special Steel Group and Anneke.53In the business negotiation and project implementation of a contract, solutions will be found as soon as problems arise, and difficulties will not be abandoned.It is Chairman Wang's spirit of not admitting defeat and not giving up, relying on Annike hot stove technology, high-quality products and good services, making Annike a trustworthy partner of Hebei Donghai Special Steel.

President Zhang Daoyun's Speech

Vice President Zhou Fuchen made a statement

Marketing company general manager Li Chaohong speech

Marketing Manager Li Fuqing Project Sharing

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors,Marketing Manager Wang Yiping Project Sharing

Marketing Manager Ma Shaohua Project Sharing

Honorary Chairman Qian Yunting delivered a speech

Annike's marketing personnel are not only facing the fierce competition in the external market, but also facing 600 families of Annike. Therefore, this ceremony is mainly to commend the work of marketing personnel and award bonuses to marketing business managers, leaders of various functional departments and employees of marketing companies. At the same time, two "special contribution awards" were awarded to affirm the hard work of business managers and reflect the company's principle of "more work, more pay.

Awarded marketing bonuses

At the end of the ceremony, Chairman Li Fuchao took the stage and put forward the "Eight Grasps and Eight Guarantees", summing up the past and looking forward to the future, hoping that all Annike people can make persistent efforts and fight a tough battle in the last quarter of 2020 to deliver a perfect answer.

Chairman Li Fuchao's concluding speech