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A Pioneering Project Launched at Zhengzhou Annec

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A project called “The Research of the Development and Application of a New-type Hot Blast Stove” was launched at Zhengzhou Annec on September 17 when the company marks its 8th anniversary. At 10 a.m., the launching ceremony started with the singing of the Corporate Song. In his opening speech, the company’s chairman, Li Fuchao extended his warm welcome to all the guests attending the ceremony and then made a brief introduction of the background and significance of the project. After that, Professor Zhang Bopeng, chief expert of the project who has made an outstanding contribution to our country, explained the project in great detail. The vice-mayor of the Xinmi City Wang Ming’an delivered his speech as well. He pointed out that the officials from the municipal party committee and municipal government attaches high importance to the reconstruction and integration of the refractory industry for its role as a pivotal industry of the Xinmi city. The vice-mayor added that the officials would give their full support to the implementation of the project. In the end of the ceremony, the secretary of the city’s Party committee Wang Tieliang, vice-mayor Wang Ming’an, chairman Li Fuchao and chief expert Zhang Bopeng collectively pressed the start button to officially mark the beginning of the project.

The project was initiated by Zhengzhou Annec and participated by a group of salient figures who excel in developing blast furnaces and hot-blast stoves. It aims at resolving the problems that have been hampering the performance of the stoves in a bid to increase the blast temperature and lengthen the stoves' campaign life. There were numerous people showing up at the ceremony to express their congratulations and best wishes for the project: Professor Jin Qinguo, secretary general of China Henan Refractory Industries Association, Mr. Fang Zhenqian, chief economist of the Zhengzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Mr. Wang Tieliang, secretary of the Party committee of Xinmi city, to name just a few


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