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Zhengzhou ANNEC Re-designated as a Hi-tech Corporation

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      After being examined and reviewed by the Office of the Hi-tech Corporation Designation, Zhengzhou ANNEC Industrial Co., Ltd. was approved to be re-designated as a “Hi-tech Corporation”. The re-designation means that Zhengzhou ANNEC will be subject to a tax preference at a statutory rate of 15% for the following three years.


      The review of the qualification as a hi-tech corporation consists of examination of such key factors of a corporation as proprietary intellectual property rights, application of scientific and technological achievements, research and development capacity, and so on. Zhengzhou ANNEC, as a hi-tech corporation, has made substantial progress in terms of R&D, production, management in recent years.


      Zhengzhou ANNEC will, as always, commit itself to the independent innovation, development of new techniques and products, industrial restructuring and strengthening of technological innovation so as to cultivate excellent innovation capacity and maintain technological advantage in the industry.


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