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Sep 13,2023

India IFGL Company Team Visits Annec

As a group company with nine branches in the world, the company occupies an important position in India and the global steel industry. Chairman Li Fuchao, Chief Engineer Zhang Daoyun, Deputy General Manager Yang Jinpo of Hot Blast Stove Company, and Deputy Minister Yang Yange of Technology Marketing Department accompanied the customers, visited Annec Fuliang, Fuhua Branch, Headquarters Research and Development Center and Exhibition Hall one after another, and held discussions in the conference room.

Sep 13,2023

Gas Inlet Damage Analysis and Treatment Measures of Top-fired Hot Blast Stove Burner

The gas branch pipe of the top-burning hot blast stove is located at the top of the burner. During the operation of the hot blast stove, due to the periodic changes of temperature and pressure under different working conditions and the influence of nitrogen purging, the refractory materials of the gas branch pipe often fall off and the composite brick at the gas inlet collapses, resulting in excessive temperature of the gas inlet shell, cracking and air leakage, which affects the safe operation of the hot blast stove and requires emergency repair treatment. The service life of the gas inlet of the top-fired hot blast stove burner has become the key to achieve high air temperature and long life of the top-fired hot blast stove.

Sep 13,2023

Annec to participate in the international metallurgical exhibition in Germany in 2023

During the 20 years of ups and downs, Annec has always been striving to continuously promote the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the technological progress of high-temperature new materials, and to become a service provider in the high-temperature industry. Anneke is willing to work with new and old friends around the world to provide technical support and integrated services to promote the development of the global steel industry and new materials, and help the global metallurgical industry to develop energy-saving, low-carbon and green.

Sep 13,2023

Green Development and Reputation-Annec Won the Title of "Green Factory" in Henan Province in 2023

Under the background of "double carbon" economy, green and low carbon has become the main theme of the development of the times. As an advocate and practitioner of the greening of high-temperature new materials, Annec will take the opportunity of being shortlisted as a "green factory" in Henan Province. actively play the exemplary and leading role of green factories, integrate the concept of sustainable development into the whole product life cycle through in-depth development of clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, and other work, and accelerate the innovation of green science and technology, we are committed to bringing high-quality innovative technologies and green products to customers, and contributing to the green development of high-temperature materials in China and the world.

Sep 13,2023

Annec participated in the forum on the collaborative development of ironmaking equipment and technology, and continued to help the development of hydrogen-rich low-carbon ironmaking technology.

From June 12 to 14, 2023, the 2023 National Forum on the coordinated development of ironmaking equipment and technology and the working meeting of China ironmaking expert committee, jointly organized by Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Metal Society, ironmaking exchange magazine and China ironmaking network, was solemnly held in Urumqi. The theme of this conference is "technological innovation, double-carbon development, intelligent manufacturing, quality improvement and efficiency improvement". The focus is on the hot spots, key points, solutions to doubtful problems, new equipment, new processes and new technologies of Bayi Steel COREX furnace and HyCROF blast furnace and the industry. Wang Panfeng, general manager of Zhengzhou Annec Hot Blast Stove Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., made a report on the technology and application of top-fired gas heating furnace (hot blast stove) supporting Annec hydrogen-rich carbon cycle oxygen blast furnace at the meeting.

Sep 13,2023

Annec participated in the "Sixth National Ironmaking System Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction Transformation New Technology Exchange Conference" to help steel enterprises develop green and low-carbon

Do not forget your initiative mind, remember your mission! Annec adheres to the company's mission of continuously promoting the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the technological progress of high-temperature new materials, continuously serves the steel industry with scientific and technological innovation, and helps steel enterprises to achieve "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" with green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly blast furnace hot blast stove technology, striving to become a service provider of the global high-temperature industry.

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