2012-02  Award of National High-tech Enterprise. 


2011-11  Awards of Science and Technology by MCC, the second prize of Science and Technology by MCC, and Awards of Science and Technology of Beijing city.


2011-09  Launch of project “Research of Development and Application of New-type Hot Blast Stove”.


2011-09  Companys stocks begin trading on the OTCBB.

2011-07  Two Company projects win second prizes of Henan Industrial and Information Progress.


2011-03  Inspection of ANNEC by Henan provincial governor Guo Gengmao.


2011-02  Stocks of ANNEC go public in US market.

2010-12  Audit by American independent auditor BPM.

2010-09  Holding a national symposium about blast furnace design.

2010-04  Cold-state and hot-state simulation labs of hot blast stoves come into use.


2010-03  Sign listing agreement with an investment company for going public in America.


2010-03  Certification of ISO14001:2004 EMS and GB/T24001:2001 OHSMS.

2010-01  Certification of ISO9001:2008 QMS.

2009-11  Use of natural gas for sintering.

2009-04  Setting up of Fugang plant for production carborundum and magnesia-carbon bricks and unshaped products.


2008-06   ANNEC Technical Center accredited as Provincial Enterprise Technical Center.

2008-01  Setting up of ANNEC (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

2007-05  Patents of 19-hole, 31-hole, 37-hole and 61-hole checkers.

2006-08  Construct 313-meter tunnel kiln, the longest in Asia.

2006-08  Setting up of Fuhua plant for producing silica products.

2004-02  Setting an expert team headed by Wu Qichang and Sun Gengchen.

2004-02  Setting up of Fuliang plant for producing high alumina and clay bricks.

2003-09  Founding of ANNEC.