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    Hot air furnace symmetry (patented technology)

    Hot air furnace symmetric arrangement features:

    (1) The hot air stove is symmetrically arranged around the hot air riser, and the hot air branch pipe is connected with the hot air riser to avoid periodic fluctuations of the hot air main temperature caused by the combustion and air supply of the hot blast stove on the near blast furnace side.

    (2) The hot air branch pipe is connected with the hot air vertical pipe, and the hot air outlet and the vertical pipe hot air inlet are at the same height, and the longitudinal expansion amounts of the two are substantially equal, and the longitudinal displacement of the hot air branch pipe is substantially eliminated.

    (3) The symmetrical arrangement eliminates the hot air main pipe in the frame relative to the one-row arrangement, shortens the length of the hot air duct, reduces the heat loss of the hot air duct, and improves the wind temperature of the furnace.

    (4) The symmetrical arrangement eliminates the frame structure arranged in a row, the steel structure saves 30%, and the symmetric arrangement takes a small footprint, the pipe system is short, and the investment is saved.

    Three-stage independent structure (patented technology)

    The burner mixing chamber, the combustor combustion chamber and the regenerator are on the same center line of the hot blast stove, and the refractory masonry is supported on the brick shell and the furnace floor in three sections, respectively, and is connected with each other by a labyrinth sliding joint. Eliminate the effects of thermal expansion, and the structure is symmetrical and stable.

    Three-dimensional hybrid burner (patented technology)

    Three-dimensional hybrid burner features:

    (1) The burner mixing chamber is a cone-column composite structure, the gas nozzles are distributed in the cone section, and the air nozzles are distributed in the cylinder section.

    (2) The gas nozzle is a porous annular arrangement of upper and lower layers with different mixing radii, and the gas moves in a three-dimensional rotation downward.

    (3) The multi-layer gas flow with different radii (less than the air flow radius) forms a multi-layered concentric three-dimensional mixture of different diameters, and the air gas is mixed and burned completely, and the flame is short.

    (4) Due to the small area of ​​the hollow column, the negative pressure zone formed by the mixed airflow after rectification through the throat is positively small, ensuring that the smoke gas enters the lattice brick evenly, and the lattice brick is fully utilized, which is more conducive to obtaining high air temperature.

    High efficiency small hole lattice brick (patented technology)