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    2018-11 The company cooperated with Danieli to conduct deep-seated exchanges and promoted the 4th generation of top-fired hot blast stoves (Anikeke) to fully open the Indian and Russian markets.

    2018-7 The company and Danieli reached a cooperation intention of “focusing on the promotion of the 4th generation top-burning hot blast stove (Anikeke) technology”, marking the recognition of Anikeke hot blast stove technology by international peers.

    2018-4-6 The upgrade of the company's No. 2 kiln and No. 4 kiln “Environmental Protection, Intelligent Improvement” will be successfully completed, which will help the company to further save energy and reduce emissions, improve product quality, reduce production costs and reduce employee labor intensity.

    2017-10 The company signed an integrated supply contract for the 4th generation of top-fired hot blast stove (Anneke) of Vietnam and the 4×1350m3 blast furnace. Anike followed the national “Belt and Road” strategy and achieved even better results.

    2017-7 The company's “large-scale blast furnace hot blast stove (An-Nike) high-efficiency energy-saving longevity technology and the development and application of key refractory materials” was successfully selected into the “Zhihui Zhengzhou•1125 Talented Talents Program” project.

    2017-3 The company signed the 4th generation of new top-burning hot blast stove (Annex) EPC contract with Hesteel Serbia Iron & Steel dd, marking the successful entry of the 4th generation of new top-burning hot blast stove (Annex) technology. European market.

    2017-1 Signed a contract for the supply of refractory materials for hot blast stoves with Rashmi of India, using the 4th generation of new top-fired hot blast stoves (Annex) technology. The 4th generation of new top-burning hot blast stove (Annex) technology, which indicates that Anike has independent intellectual property rights, is directly recognized by international customers and provides a strong guarantee for further expanding the global market.

    2016-12 Henan Governor Chen Runer visited An Nike to visit and investigate.

    The two technical standards of "Technical Specifications for Refractory Materials for Top-Fired Hot Air Stoves" and "Balco Bricks for Hot Air Furnace" passed the National Standards Review Committee.

    2016-6 The 4th generation of the new top-burning hot blast stove (An Nike type) Egang No. 5 2800m3 blast furnace supporting hot blast stove project completed successfully, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent promotion of large blast furnace hot blast stove.

    2016-4 "Zhengzhou City Refractory Materials for Ironmaking" Academician Workstation was unveiled.

    2015-09 The top-fired hot blast stove technology research and development center was completed.

    2015-06 “The research and application of key technologies for high-temperature blast furnace high air temperature” won the first prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology Award.

    2014-12 Henan Province Refractory Engineering Technology Research Center for Refining Furnace settled in our company.

    2014-12 The company's “large-scale high-temperature top-fired hot blast stove technology equipment development and application” technology project won the “Henan Province Science and Technology Progress First Prize”.

    2014-09 The company won the "Outstanding Refractory Material Enterprise of Henan Province".

    2014-07 The company's first independent intellectual property rights "the 4th generation of new top-burning hot air stove (An Nike)" was officially put into operation in Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel.

    2014-05 The company obtained the patent of “carbon-titanium-based self-protecting brick for blast furnace hearth and furnace bottom”.

    2014-01 The company obtained the patent of “top-burning hot air furnace with cone-column composite dome structure”.

    2013-12 The national standard drafted by the company, “Technical Specification for Energy Saving of High-temperature Temperature Top-fired Hot Blast Stove for Blast Furnace (GB/T30163-2013)” was released.

    2013-12 The company's scientific and technological achievements in the development and application of large-scale high-temperature top-burning hot blast stove technology equipment were identified as “international leading”.

    2013-12 The company's “Red Column Stone Low Creep High Aluminum Brick” won the “Henan Famous Brand Product”.

    2013-11 “Zhengzhou City Hot Air Furnace and Ceramic Burner High-quality High-end Refractory Academician Workstation” settled in our company.

    2013-08 The company's “Development and Application of High-load Soft and High-Resistant Thermal Shock Bricks for Hot Blast Furnace Ceramic Burners” won the second prize of Henan Science and Technology Achievements.

    2013-04 The company undertook the first international (Turkey) EPC project.

    2013-02 The company was awarded the “Zhengzhou Mayor Quality Award”.

    2012-12 “Henan Province Postdoctoral Research and Development Base” settled in the company.

    2012-11 The company as the first drafter drafted the "Refractory Brick Standard for Hot Air Furnace Ceramic Burners (Revised Edition)" was approved by the Standards Committee.

    2012-11 The company revised the national standard "Silica brick (GB/T2608-2012)" to replace the original (GB/T2608-2001)

    2012-11 The company revised the national standard "High-aluminum brick (GB/T 2988-2012)" to replace the original (GB/T 2988-2004).

    2011-11 The company won the “China Metallurgical Group Science and Technology Award”, “China Metallurgical Group Science and Technology Second Prize” and “Beijing Science and Technology Award”.

    2011-09 The “New Hot Blast Furnace Development and Application Research” project was officially launched.

    2011-09 Company shares are traded in the United States.

    2011-03 Provincial Party Secretary Guo Gengmao and his entourage visited the company.

    2011-02 Successfully listed in the US on February 11th.

    2010-04 The mathematics, cold state and thermal simulation laboratory of the top-fired hot blast stove were put into use.

    2009-11 Change the combustion medium and use natural gas to achieve clean production.

    2009-04 Established Anike (Fugang) Co., Ltd. to produce aluminum SiC bricks, magnesia carbon bricks, aluminum-magnesium carbon bricks and amorphous products for steelmaking.

    2008-06 The company's technology center was identified as a “provincial enterprise technology center”.

    2008-01 Established An Naike (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

    2007-05 Patented 19-, 31-, 37-, and 61-hole honeycomb bricks.

    2006-08 Built the longest 313m tunnel kiln in Asia.

    2006-08 Established Anike (Fuhua) Co., Ltd. to produce siliceous products.

    2004-02 Established a team of experts led by Master Wu Qichang and Sun Gengchen.

    2004-02 Anike (Fuliang) Co., Ltd. was completed and put into production, producing high-alumina and clay products.

    2003-09 Foundation of the company.