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    SINCE 2003



    Zhengzhou ANNEC Industrial Co., Ltd., established in September 2003, is listed in the US, stock code: ANNEC, headquartered in Xinmi City, Henan Province. The company is a national high-tech enterprise that exports high-temperature, long-life, low-energy blast furnace hot blast stove technology, EPC general contracting project and supporting refractory manufacturing and core business.

    The company owns 4 production companies including Anike Fuliang, ANNEC Fuhua, Anike Fusteel and Anike Fubao, ANNEC (Beijing) Engineering Company, Anike Ke Kiln Company and Henan Academician Workstation, Henan Postdoctoral Research and Development Base. A number of R&D platforms, such as provincial engineering technology centers, and cooperation with many well-known domestic universities, established a CFD digital-analog, cold-state, thermal simulation comprehensive laboratory for top-fired hot blast stoves, for the development of long-life, high-wind The warm and low-energy blast furnace hot blast stove provides data foundation and builds an experimental platform for research and development of new hot blast stove technology. The company relies on the platform to develop the “Ultra-large high-temperature high-temperature top-fired hot blast stove equipment technology development and application” and the “top-fired hot blast stove refractory technical specification” project, the development of blast furnace hot blast stove technology and refractory technology progress It has played a demonstration and leading role, and has promoted the development trend of adopting top-of-the-line hot blast stove technology for the world's super blast furnaces.

    ANNEC is committed to building an industrial ecology and promoting the improvement of the standardization system of the hot blast stove industry. The company has participated in the drafting of 10 national and industry standards, and has won the National Metallurgical Science and Technology Award and the Henan Science and Technology Progress Award for many times, focusing on upgrading "Chinese technology" and "China". The international influence of the standard.

    We are based on intelligent manufacturing, dedicating green products, supporting refractory materials for more than 2,000 hot and cold blast stoves of more than 600 large and medium-sized blast furnaces around the world, and configuring hot air for extra large blast furnaces such as Jiangsu Shagang, Shougang Jingtang, Baosteel Zhanjiang and Vietnam Hejing. The furnace integrates the core refractory. And actively promote co-innovation and common development of refractory technology such as coking, sintering, and iron front steel.

    The company has established 11 research and development teams of metallurgy, materials, thermal engineering and multi-disciplinary research, including Professor Zhou Guozhi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Wu Qichang of the National Iron and Steel Engineering Design Master, and Professor Zhang Bopeng, the inventor of Shougang Top-fired Hot Air Furnace. Aiming at the forefront of the world's steel technology development, we will continue to create green, intelligent and synergistic new technologies, new processes and new products for the steel industry and materials industry.

    Carrying forward the spirit of artisans and bravely climbing the peak of quality, Anike has formed a unique “four inspection and 13 inspections” quality lean control and traceability system, and promoted “Made in China” to the world with ingenuity.

    Relying on innovation to drive industrial technology upgrades, ANNEC has always focused on the independent research and development and innovation of hot blast stove technology, accumulating more than ten years of experience in research and development and innovation of hot blast stove technology. Based on the advanced data analysis and processing capabilities of the industry, the company cooperated with MCC Jingcheng to continuously optimize the structure of the top-fired hot blast stove system based on the in-depth study of the Kalukin-type top-fired and rotary-cut top-fired hot blast stove operating data. The standardized configuration of refractory materials, after more than a thousand tests, through the verification of digital, cold and hot state experiments, successfully developed the fourth generation of top-burning hot blast stove (ANNEC type), breaking through the technical barriers in the field of foreign hot blast stoves, with complete autonomy Intellectual property rights, integrated company patents and proprietary technology more than 60 items, with high wind temperature, long life, low energy consumption and other leading advantages, to help the green development of the steel industry, EPC general contracting mode to build and transform 600m3 to 3000m3 blast furnace 100 at home and abroad The remaining hot stove project.

    Following the pace of the “One Belt, One Road” national strategy, the 4th generation top-burning hot blast stove (ANNEC) successfully entered the international markets of Vietnam and China Steel, India RASHMI Steel, Hegang Steel, etc., making Chinese technology, Chinese standards, Chinese products Go abroad and share development results with countries along the route!

    Adhere to the talent-oriented, create a model of the industry! ANNEC constantly enhances the skills of employees, enriches the life of employees, and develops together with employees! We actively undertake social responsibility, prop up a blue sky with great love!

    Looking forward to the future, Anike, which has solidified its technology and industrial foundation, will, as always, shoulder the heavy responsibility of leading the development of the industry, adhering to the corporate mission of continuously promoting the development of blast furnace hot blast stove technology and refractory technology, and using the green technology to achieve intelligent upgrade with the steel industry. Boost the wave of the "China Creation" era and rush forward.