Corporate Culture

Core Culture

Customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction

Team Slogan

Coordination and distribution of responsibilities, union and efficiency;

 No perfect person, only perfect team

Leader Culture

To subordinate: Humanistic Leadership, cruel policy and flexible management

To leader: relentless pursuit, no regrets and endure loneliness

Staff Culture

 Loyalty, dedication, initiative, and innovation;

Those who only do the work assigned by the leader is incompetent and those who can’t do the work assigned by the leader well should be dismissed.

Execution Culture

 No excuse, more responsibility; accept tasks with no condition and fulfill them by all means

Learning Culture

Learn at work and improve in learning

Operating Strategy

Based on integrity; Survive by quality; Motived by techonolgy

Quality Policy

Qualified products only and 100% ex-factory rate

Managing Target

Utilize proper resource to get a best enterprise rewarding

Codes of Conduct

Quick reaction and take immediate action

Innovation Rule

Learn from experience; break with convention; improve by means of innovation

Culture List

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